to romp or not to romp?

August 20, 2010

THAT is the question of today’s post

I decided to make some rompers, okay? I’m still not sure weather I actually like rompers in general but I think mine turned out pretty cute. I think with rompers, you have to wear more edgy and coordinated things otherwise it just looks like PJs. I’m going shopping soon IRL and will try on a few rompers and let you know what I thiiiiink!


remodeling sobriquet :)

August 17, 2010

It looks mega empty right now because I haven’t put up any of the dresses, of which there are copious amounts.. I’ll prolly edit this post later with the finished version. Why am I remodeling when the grid is bein kulled in a few months? Well… Even though I’m not moving to maingrid right away with my older friends I felt like I needed a boost. I don’t know.

Quirks and Newness

August 2, 2010

Hello my peoples!

It has been a while since my last post because I have been very very busy setting up Eros, the new sim. Aahhh! Crazyy! Sorry! Haha, I doubt there are more than 5 people who check this blog but I enjoy posting πŸ™‚

Hat, Top, Watch – Sobriquet

Hair & Jeans – great store that are gone 😦

Necklace and gladiators – Tee

This look is something I can see myself wearing in real life. A spunky, bright top paired with dark jeans for contrast, and some neutral, natural accessories to add a twist to it all! Very much my style and my colors πŸ™‚

I’ve released this top at Eros only! I also put up some boots I made a while ago. Hope everyone checks them out! So yeah, I’ve been super busy– when not at my writing fellowship program or making stuff or chewing anxiously on my lip or writing extraordinarily shitty songs, I’ve been running around doing stuff for the sim Eros, a sim I am renting with a close friend and business partner to try to better the TG. I’m about to put a bunch of pictures of it on flickr, so i will plop the link HERE:


Tata for now peeps. Hope you’re all keeping cool and not even thinking about the horror that is the return to school. HAHA MADE YOU THINK ABOUT IT AND NOWWW i’m thinking about it too ohhhh so soul crushing oh my god where is my starbucks card i must gooo……………….

Au Naturale

July 16, 2010

Hello readers, who are so patient with me and also imaginary!

Yes I am posting a post. Today it is infused with a “let’s take a walk in the woods” kinda look.

Hair, bracelet – Madd*

Earrings – A Cerulan Blue

Top, Capris – Sobriquet

Sandals – Heather Designs

I used to live in NC and it was beautiful – all pine forests and vast skies. Mmm and when I was like 9, 10, 11, I used to go to a really nice summer day camp and how I would explore the woods! GOOD TIMES, MAN. I’ve always been a pretty naturey kinda girl in that I think trees are the prettiest things ever (seriously.) So I decided it was about time to concoct an outfit using earth tones but still staying true to my casual younger self who would toss on T-Shirts and run outside.

The top I’ll soon be releasing as a part of my Guy clothing line. Haven’t made guy clothes in a looong time.

I picked up the bracelet and earrings and tons of other amazing things at the ACCESSORY FAIR! It’s going on in Killie’s store Madd in Eutopia so all you teen gridders go check it out! ❀

These Bojo sandals are from Heather Designs and I picked them up when I was previewing Jadey and Vaughan’s sim. THANK GOD Vaughan bought out Heather because I AM IN LOVE with these sandals, they are super fun to base around and really compliment this hair.

So yea!

PS: I are dumb: I was so confused why prims were disappearing until I put my node up. Then they all came back. Uhhh, yeah.


July 10, 2010

Skin – Tres Glam (gone :[ )

Hair, Dress – Sobriquet

Shoes – Miranda (gone :'[ )

Necklace – Donut (ALSO GONE! WTF D: )

Lashes – Giovanni


But I decided to delve into the world of Asian-cute, seeing as I am 1/4 Asian myself and always wished I was more in tune with the culture. Last night I made this cute hair based on a Korean actress’ do, and this morning I plunked on some cute bright colors. In real life, I’m often struggling to choose between these cute looks and more punky, dark looks. I’ll make a blog post soon striving to combing the two, the way I attempt IRL!


July 3, 2010

Often I find myself drawn to the softer, gentler shads of greys and browns. The harsh colors of most teen grid clothing can get old after a while.

“Neutral” not only applies to fashion, however, it also applies to many situations. You can be neutral in battle, have a neutral opinion of an idea. I commonly find myself the neutral person in fights between friends. I can always pick out parts of someone or something I agree and disagree with.

Skin – Tres Glam

Dress, flipflops, hat, eyes – Sobriquet

Hair – Miranda

Leggings – Heather Quasimodo

These colors remind me of an old wooden porch of the old brick house I used to live in, the planks losing saturation with age.

Last one standing

June 26, 2010

You know when you feel like you’re the only one left trying to make a difference? It’s such a weight, there’s so much crushing you to give in. One of my best friends is in this situation right now, even though he’s not the only one. I believe in and love him very much, and I know he has the strength to pull through this if he’ll only take a step. I’m right beside you–you’re not the last one standing–but I will be, if you give up.

Combat, baby, don’t go quietly.

Hair – Brooklyn Salon

Top, skirt, tie – Sobriquet

Shoes – Miranda

Skin – Frozen Dessert

Eyes – Malice