Trends on the Teen Grid

Because there are!

On the main grid, there aren’t really, because it’s so huge and there is such a giant variety of people that the trends apply to the subcategories. I’m not talking about prim feet/prim jackets – that’s progression, not trendy.

What I mean is when everyone aims for a certain look.

Since the grid is all teens, most have the subconscious urge to conform even here. I guess that sounds a little like I’m doing some intense generalizing–and I am,  not everyone applies at all–but I see it. Especially in the non-creator masses.

Maybe it just seems like it because everyone has the same copybotted stuff and there are so little designers, but I remember when all the girls were wearing hair with obscenely large poofs in the front. EVERYONE! Well, almost!

I just think it’s interesting. Maybe it has something to do with the school attitude of longing to fit in, or maybe it’s all because our grid is so tiny. Probably it’s a dash of both though.

Today’s snapshot:


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