Just how helpful LL Live Chat is

A couple days ago, I was having a weiiird issue with my computer, my entire Application Data folder got CORRUPTED. After freaking out for an hour, I restarted and ran diskcheck. Since that took about an hour and a half I did some exercise and made myself a delicious sandwich. Finally things were up and running again, my Firefox history and bookmarks came back, and I was happy! But when I logged into Emerald, CRAZYYY SHIZZ started going down. My inventory was ‘missing’ several items from its database–IMPORTANT ONES–Namely my shape, skin, and other stuff I needed! I tried relogging about 600 times, so then I was like, I AM GOING TO THE SUPPORT WEBSITE!

Let me warn you, that is not ever a good choice. It will simply open the gate to more frustration.

And so, I saw the Live Chat button. I was like, COOL, now I dont have to call them!

Here is our chat log:

[06:35 PM] Junko: Hello Ishy Wingtips, thank you for contacting Linden Lab Support. My name is Junko. How can I help you today?

[06:35 PM] Ishy Wingtips: Hi, I have an item missing from database issue. I had some problems with my cache earlier, and now when I try to wear my shape, it tells me “Failed to find body part named ___ in database”

[06:35 PM] Ishy Wingtips:  Is this a solvable issue?

[06:36 PM] Sean: Ok Ishy can you bare with me 2 moments?


For god’s sake, I was pissed so I went on their Knowledge Base and searched it. It came up and told me how to fix it. They can’t even search their damn database?! Sure maybe I should have looked there first but if they cannot solve an issue that is in their Knowledge Base, they are clearly in need of some Knowledge Bashed into their minds.

That was a bit violent, sorry.

The only good thing about it was it emailed me the transcript of the chat, so I could show other people how unhelpful they are. Thanks!

….but the transcript was in fucking html tables so when I tried to paste it here wordpress made it in tables and I had to copy and paste each line like a peon. YEA THANKS FOR THAT

now when I try to wear my shape, it tells me “Failed to find body part named ___ in database”

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