Au Naturale

Hello readers, who are so patient with me and also imaginary!

Yes I am posting a post. Today it is infused with a “let’s take a walk in the woods” kinda look.

Hair, bracelet – Madd*

Earrings – A Cerulan Blue

Top, Capris – Sobriquet

Sandals – Heather Designs

I used to live in NC and it was beautiful – all pine forests and vast skies. Mmm and when I was like 9, 10, 11, I used to go to a really nice summer day camp and how I would explore the woods! GOOD TIMES, MAN. I’ve always been a pretty naturey kinda girl in that I think trees are the prettiest things ever (seriously.) So I decided it was about time to concoct an outfit using earth tones but still staying true to my casual younger self who would toss on T-Shirts and run outside.

The top I’ll soon be releasing as a part of my Guy clothing line. Haven’t made guy clothes in a looong time.

I picked up the bracelet and earrings and tons of other amazing things at the ACCESSORY FAIR! It’s going on in Killie’s store Madd in Eutopia so all you teen gridders go check it out! ❤

These Bojo sandals are from Heather Designs and I picked them up when I was previewing Jadey and Vaughan’s sim. THANK GOD Vaughan bought out Heather because I AM IN LOVE with these sandals, they are super fun to base around and really compliment this hair.

So yea!

PS: I are dumb: I was so confused why prims were disappearing until I put my node up. Then they all came back. Uhhh, yeah.


One Response to Au Naturale

  1. Rosie says:

    I like how you’re so cool as to put the little zoomy thingy for accessories 🙂

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